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Epsilon Electronics Inc. is within the business of manufacturing video and audio products for your automotive industry. Therefore they understand that the only constant within their field is change. Some of the products Epsilon Electronics Inc. proposes to the market are amplifiers, subwoofers, speaker, caps and wire, processors, marine audio, and video accessories. They believe their business is growing by innovation, mainly technological, and also have surpassed their potential customers' expectations thus acquiring their loyalty. Associated Posts About Epsilon.

Epsilon Electronics Inc. has many mandates but one of the biggest one they feel is to continuously increase the value of products for their customers. This is done through exceeding their customers' expectations each year with products that outperform the final year's model. One of their competitive advantages is that they have an in-house research and development team. This allows Epsilon Electronics Inc. to concentrate on what their clients' wants and needs are.

In the 30 years Epsilon Electronics has been doing business, they've got always were able to keep their customers in mind and surpass their expectations. In 1996 Epsilon had become the second U.S. manufacturer to get in the automotive video industry. They then started competing with a global scale and possess captured a large amount of the global market share especially when looking at the younger demographic. One of Epsilon Electronic Inc.'s largest contracts is to use multiple Japanese brands for example Kenwood. This sort of contracts helps the company become more innovative and push their boundaries because they know the automotive marketplace is very competitive.

Epsilon Electronics Inc. owes a large part of these success with their in-house way of research and development. This approach allows Epsilon in creating new and innovative products in the industry and avoiding copycats, resulted in legal issues. Another point is because will also avoid catalog ordered and generic products tarnishing their brand name and costing them more in marketing and research and development to keep innovative and ahead of the trends. Epsilon Electronics is proud to get one of the few companies to offer the market industry products, which have been researched, developed and built in- house whilst getting an influence from America and Korea in product software development.

Epsilon Electronics Inc. is surely an umbrella company with six different brands operating inside it. These brands are Soundstream Technologies, Power Acoustik, Farenheit, and Precision Power. Each of these brands entice different markets and target an alternative kind of consumer.

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